Local - Minneapolis.  Beginning soon!   

5 Days
November 8th-12th
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
$860 . includes Decals of your own photos / illustrations / drawings.

Expand your glass practice! Transform your own digital images into the medium of glass via the process of high-resolution, full color, laser printed decals. Kiln-forming techniques such as decal firing, tack and full-fusing are all a part of the language you will develop. Using multiple layers of images we will explore the variation of transparency and opacity creating a dialogue between your photographs/drawings/words and the physical/conceptual properties of glass.

Artists Amy Baur and Brian Boldon of In Plain Sight Art, will open up their studio- located in the Arts District in NE Minneapolis- for this 5 day workshop. For the past 14 years they have been designing and fabricating large-scale public work all over the US. Their expertise as designers/fabricators provides an intuitive interface with materials, technology and creativity. Experience the energy of a fully-functioning art studio that sustains the practice of two working artists.

Workshop will takeat InPlainSight's Studio #121 in the Casket Arts Building.

Skill Level

Beginner-Advanced, no pre-requisite is required for this class.

Fusing Glass Decals
Instructors - Amy Baur and Brian Boldon in tandem with FOCI Glass
Contact Foci to Register.