CV . RESUME: commissions / permanent installations/ public Art

2020   TBD. Howard County Courthouse. Maryland. : Frit-based printing on Ceramic .  

2020   TBD. SE Louisiana University, Science/Tech Building. Hammond, LA. : Relief & Tiles.     

2019   range of view. Hibbing Community College. Hibbing, MN. : Low relief ceramics & glass.

2018   all things discoverable. Health Science Center. St. Paul College. St. Paul, MN. : Ceramics.

2018   cadence. City Center, Greeley CO. : Ceramics & 3-D printed vessels.   

2017   groundwork. Hagfors Science Center, Augsburg College. Minneapolis, MN. : Perforated Glass in Relief.

2017   flux.  Miami of Ohio University, Oxford, Ohio. : 3d ceramic form, Glass, Steel.

2017  What Was Once Imagined.   Higher Ground/ Homeless Shelter St. Paul, MN.: Ceramic

2016   thread. Spartenburg-Greenville Airport, S.C. : Waterwall / Glass.   

2016     nascent, blueprint & inviting wonder. MSP Airport, Phase 2 Restoration.  Minneapolis, MN  : Ceramic.  

2015 Current. MN State University Moorhead. Livingston Lord Library, Moorhead MN.  Glass.   

2015 Glass Lightwaves after After Thomas Young. Metropolitan State Univ., Science Building. St. Paul, MN. : Glass.
The Currency of Insight. Austin Hall, School of Business. Oregon State Univ. Corvallis, OR  :Ceramics & Glass.

2014 assemblage & inquiry. UAA Natural Sciences Building, Anchorage, AK. : Ceramic & wall relief.     

2014 Tribute. Gainesville Police Department Headquarters. Gainesville FL. : Ceramic. 

2014  the shape of wind. Omnitrans Rapid Transit Station. San Bernardino, CA. Glass Windscreen.

2013 Recollection&Promise. St. Louis Park City Hall. City Hall, St. Louis Park, MN. :Glass curtain wall.

2013 Trainscape. Union Station, St. Paul Depot. St. Paul, MN. :Ceramic and glass. 

2013 this promises water. Grand Corridor. Ralph Carr Judicial Center, Denver, CO.: Ceramic & Relief porcelain Arcs.

2011 porous. Transit Authority, Norfolk , Virginia.  Windscreens : Glass.; Tempered

2010 coelostat,coalesce,anatomia,coryphaeus,integer, corona, consonance and tactus.
         (9 works) Secchia Medical Center. Grand Rapids, MI. : Ceramics and Glass.

2010 trestle. Rothwell Student Center, University of Wisconsin, Superior. LEED.  :  Ceramic.

2009 expectation. Wharton Performing Arts Center. MI State Univ. East Lansing. : Ceramic and Glass Tags.

2009 equivalence of site. Landscape & Architecture Library. Penn State University. : Ceramic.

2009 rendering the familiar. Mecklenburg County Courts, Charlotte, North Carolina.: Ceramic and Glass.

2009 beacon and lumen. Southeast Division Police Station, Houston, Texas. Glass; Tempered and Laminated.

2008 kernel. Rice Auditorium. Wayne State College. Wayne, Nebraska. : Ceramic.

2007 Benefactors Plaza. Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI.: Exterior Columns Image fused to Ceramics. 

2007 benevolence. Renton Technical College. Renton , WA. : Ceramics.

2006 knowledge made matter. School of Chemistry, Western Michigan Univ.: Image on Ceramic Tile & Glass Tags
View from a Distance. University Development, MSU. East Lansing, MI. : Ceramic and Glass.

2005 pause. Synergy Fitness. East Lansing MI. : Ceramic.
Tribute to Matilda Wilson Pegusas Center-. School of Veterinary Science. MSU. : Ceramic.

2005 Monuments to Newaygo. Newaygo, MI.  Exterior Columns with Image on Ceramic tiles

2004 the hinge between. Coffee Creek Information Center, Chesterton, IN.: Ceramic.

2004 point of light. Lobby front entrance of Framing Concepts, Chesterton, IN. : Ceramic.