Range of Vision                                                                                       2019

Commissioning Agency:  MNSCU : State of Minnesota, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities

Hibbing Community College. Hibbing, MN

Dimensions: 32 feet wide x 50 inches high x 3.5 inches depth        

Materials:  Digital glaze prints fused to kiln-formed glass panels, aluminum plate, 3-D printed porcelain arcs with earth based glazes, 3-D printed organic iron ore veins glazed red.

Concept. From the vantage point off highway 169, just south of Chisolm’s first off ramp, there was a moment, a split second, fleeting glimpse out our truck window of a thin body of water that became the kernel of inspiration for this 32 foot long work of art. A gorgeous crack in the ground, a fissure of turquoise deeply cut between tailing piles. 

We wanted to capture this extreme landscape by distilling down and fragmenting the common view of the land and sky to create a more “felt” sensibility, more about the emotion experienced when glancing right and experiencing a moment of pure color, shape and form.It was important for us to explore your active relationship with the land. It is an altered scape, reflecting a multi-generational co-existence with Human/Nature interaction. We used this as spark for exploring the built environment and mining as a transformational force changing our understanding of Nature. The Iron Range reveals a new equilibrium, a beautiful, dynamic environment that is grounded in earth energy, people and place.