Greenville-Spartanburg Airport.  Greenville, South Carolina.  Security Checkpoint.            

Dimensions 30 ft long x 8 ft high.   Medium.  Frit-glaze image fired on Tempered glass.

The work we made for the Security Queuing has many layers, small details and slow to find gems that appear the longer one looks at the piece.  Overall the sense is rich, fertile and welcoming.  Masses of flowers- many of which are found locally in the Greenville-Spartanburg area intertwine with colorful bands of actual thread, huge gear assemblages of the Cotton Mills in the past.   We combine current day views of the area with merged views of the past.  Interweaving, layering and ghosting together the livelihood that created this area, combined with natural sunlight fields, notions of seeds of growth and change- our work is a vibrant woven fabric.  We like the idea there is a thread of commonality btw us all.