Medium. Digital glaze print fused to tempered glass, mounted on wall with custom hinges.

Dimension. 33 ft wide x 40 in high x 15 in deep

Commissioning Agent. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

As a point of transformation our approach for this opportunity was to create a synthesis of image, material, light and space. Very important to the work is how the format and medium transforms the library. The work we have made provides a visual integration of various avenues of information, while simultaneously prompting curiosity and inquiry centered on the essence of research.

The central conceptual idea is “flow of information.” The Red River, as it moves through Moorhead seems a great fit to actualize this passage of data, facts and fiction. We see this great landmark as the purveyor knowledge, curiosity and research, directly coming from within the University and its footprint in Minnesota.

Current 2016.

Minnesota State University Moorhead College. Livingston Lord Library. Moorhead, MN