all things discoverable                                                                                         2018

Commissioning Agency:  State of Minnesota, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities

 Health Science Alliance Center , St. Paul College, St. Paul, MN

Dimensions: 40 inches H x 28 feet W x 1/2 inch D        

Materials:  Digital glaze prints, glazed stoneware

For this project we wanted to create a work of art that explores scientific imagery as a 

vehicle for expressing core principles shared by scientific disciplines.  We see the composition as one that is discoverable, imaginative and inspiring.  Using ideas of perspective, imagery from the natural world and from the study of the human body, scientific microscopic images, and drawn molecular structures, our goal was to  to elucidate a reaction of excitement and anticipation for students who have chosen to learn and participate in the Health and Science curriculum at St. Paul College.